Youthful Drinking and Driving Prevention Program

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The Youthful Drinking and Driving Prevention Program (YDDPP) is designed to deter driving under the influence of alcohol and/or other drugs as well as underage drinking. The program encourages participants to listen, interact and think about the consequences of drinking and driving. Six key segments make up the curriculum of YDDPP, each including important, life-saving information designed to help youth recognize the potential dangers of reckless, irresponsible behavior and the possible consequences of activities such as underage drinking, drug use and driving under the influence.

YDDPP includes:

  • Introductions and self-disclosure activities
  • Overview of the ideas of social values and community expectations
  • Review of the "Zero Tolerance Law"
  • Review of current laws pertaining to driving under the influence
  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Video detailing the risks associated with substance use
  • Visual presentation of cases involving substance use and driving as typically assigned to the medical examiner's office
  • Dialogue with registered nurses from the host location hospital's trauma unit
  • Fatal Vision Goggles and Fatal Reflections programs
  • Introduction of effective decision-making skills
  • Personal accountability discussion and how it applies to drug, alcohol and tobacco use and other destructive behaviors

YDDPP was developed for youth (15-23) to attend in a single, eight (8) hour session. There is a fee required to attend this class.


Parkland Memorial Hospital
Classes held on one Saturday each month from 8am-5pm

Baylor University Medical Center
Classes held on one Saturday each month from 8am-5pm

For more information about the Youthful Drinking and Driving Prevention Program or to register please call Dallas Challenge at 972.566.4680 |

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