Truancy Prevention Program

(Previously Truancy Orientation Law Class)

If referred to this class, please call 972.566.4680 to register. If paying with a credit card, Click Here to provide payment and complete your registration.

Dallas Challenge operates a truancy prevention or truancy intervention program called "PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS". This program was developed to provide students and their parents with a working knowledge of Texas state truancy laws and the possible consequences of violating such laws. Pathways to Success helps attendees understand the long-term consequences of truant behavior and how education play a key role in their future success. The program helps youth learn how to overcome their obstacles of school attendance and develop specific action steps to take to get them back on track.

The course features curriculum for both youth and their parents with the objective to prevent further truant behavior AND improve overall family function by providing families with the knowledge and steps to help the students become more successful in school.

Participants in the PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS program learn:

  • Texas state truancy laws
  • Consequences and progression of truancy
  • Methods for improving family communication
  • Skills that will help parents take charge of their child's education
  • The differences and future opportunities for high school drop-outs, high school graduates and those with a college degree
  • The responsibilities of adulthood and the importance of education
  • Family values systems, strengths and resources

PATHWAYS TO SUCCESS is a five (5) hour, interactive course for truant youth AND their parent. The classes are held on Saturdays at various community locations. There is a fee required to attend this class.


DALLAS CHALLENGE - North Oak Cliff Center
201 S. Tyler Street, Dallas, TX 75208

1050 Williams Street, Rm 800, Rockwall, TX 75087

Saturday classes are from 9am-1pm (Registration begins at 8:45am)

For more information about the class
please call Dallas Challenge at 972.566.4680
or e-mail:

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