Prevention Services

Dallas Challenge provides a variety of services to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol and illegal drug use among youth, while strengthening the bond of family by providing youth and their parents with the skills for family growth and improved communication. Our prevention services include:

  • Screening, problem identification and referral services
  • Prevention education classes in the classroom
  • Family prevention education programs in the community
  • Alcohol, drug and tobacco presentations
  • Alternative activities that teach youth to have positive fun, honor culture and diversity and master new skills and more!

Our Prevention Specialists deliver two widely recognized and evidence-based curricula which are effective in reducing drugs, tobacco and alcohol use, and helping reduce family conflict and increasing parental involvement and positive behavior in youth. These programs are Creating Lasting Family Connections and Positive Action. In group sessions, participants will:

  • Learn why and how to say "no" to drugs, alcohol and other inappropriate behaviors
  • Increase communication and bonding with parents
  • Learn how to keep the lines of communication open with parents during stressful situations
  • Develop a healthy self-image
  • Learn positive social skills for home, school and in the community
  • Parents learn how to set limits and appropriate consequences
  • Discover the relationship between responsibility and independence
  • Youth learn to identify their skills and personal strengths
  • Youth learn to make positive friends and productively manage time
  • Identify other community services available for resolving family and personal issues

We provide these prevention services for youth (6 to 18 years of age depending upon the program/location) and their families at no charge!

For more information about prevention services, please call Dallas Challenge at 214.942.5166 or e-mail:

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