Smart Decisions Program

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The Smart Decisions theft intervention program is designed for youth (10-17) who are in trouble for shoplifting, general theft or stealing. The program teaches youth the definition of theft, charges and penalties of the crime, types of theft recognized by Texas law, consequences and punishments of the crime, decision making-skills and how to change the label given to them by the crime committed.

Smart Decisions theft intervention program will help individuals:

  • Learn and understand the serious consequences and effects of theft
  • Learn how to make wise, educated decisions between right and wrong
  • Develop a true sense of character when differentiating between right and wrong
  • Overcome challenges in their life that may be leading to negative decision-making
  • Discover the positive outcomes of making smart decisions
  • Learn how to stop living up to their ´┐Żlabels´┐Ż
  • Learn techniques to work towards discovering their strengths, goals and dreams

The Smart Decisions program consists of seven lessons offered in a small group setting to ensure each participant receives the support and attention they need to fully understand and master the concepts and skills taught during the course.

Education and information sessions will also be provided for the parents to teach them techniques for resolving conflicts at home, improving communication and building a healthy family.
The program is designed to be completed in two (2) sessions lasting three (3) hours each, or in one six (6) hour long session. Certificate of completion is provided. There is a fee required to attend this class.


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Saturday classes are from 9am-3pm.
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Tuesday & Thursday classes are from 6pm-9pm.
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