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The Conquering Conflict program is designed for youth (10-17) who have demonstrated disruptive behavior to help them better cope with the stress and anxiety often felt during this difficult period of their lives. The program teaches concepts and skills to help participants manage their anger without resorting to aggression. With anger management skills such as these, youth are more likely to resolve problems with peers, family members, teachers, coworkers and employers before the downward spiral of anger takes hold.

Conquering Conflict will help individuals:

  • Examine and express their own concept of personal power
  • Learn about goal setting and how to tell if their goals are realistic or unrealistic
  • Recognize the internal body signs that often indicate the emotion of anger
  • Identify their personal "hot buttons"
  • Discover the meaning and benefits of positive self-talk
  • Explore how to make an effective decision about how to handle feelings of anger without creating a larger problem
  • Learn techniques to regain control after stepping away from a tense situation
  • Create a personal action plan for using these newly developed skills in real life

Education and information sessions will also be provided for parents, who are required to attend with their child. The program is designed to be completed in two (2) sessions lasting three (3) hours each. Certificate of completion is provided. There is a fee required to attend this class.


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Saturday classes are from 9am-3pm.
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Tuesday & Thursday classes are from 6pm-9pm.
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